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Gas Turbine Air Filters

Gas Turbine Filters are specialized filters designed to remove airborne particles and contaminants from the gas turbine air intake system. These turbine filters are essential for maintaining the performance and efficiency of gas turbines by preventing the ingress of harmful particles that can cause fouling, erosion, and damage to turbine components. Additionally, the turbine air filters help maintain stable airflow, prevent pressure drop, and reduce the risk of fouling and degradation of the turbine’s performance. Regular maintenance and replacement of these filters are crucial to ensure optimal filtration efficiency and the proper functioning of gas turbine air intake systems.
Aier is a manufacturer of gas turbine air filters with 20+ years of industry experience. Welcome to visit our factory.

Gas Turbine Air Filters

Cartridge air filters for gas turbines inlet filtration system can be used in high dust environments, air filters have strong surface loading properties and can be pulsed to effectively remove particles and extend filter life. Differential pressure spikes are avoided and the gas turbine compressor is protected from contamination and corrosion.

Gas Turbine Air Filters

Bag air filters or pocket air filters are mainly used as pre/first stage filters, compact or mini-pleat filters are used as second and/or third stage filtration for gas turbine, diesel and gas, enclosure, generators, wind turbine and industrial air compressor filter applications.

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As a filtration manufacturer and a leading supplier in the industry, we have a modern factory of more than 10,000 square meters. From production to delivery, we focus on R&D and strict quality control system, providing customers with high-quality products is our constant pursuit.
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